It’s pretty sad…

It’s pretty sad… March 29, 2012

when something called “Secular Pro-life” is more Catholic than many ostensibly Catholic Universities:

Last week, Secular Pro-Life broke the story that the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University in Philadelphia is promoting abortion at the expense of free speech and women’s health.

The school offers public service hours to law students who help minors obtain abortions without parental notification; some of those girls likely abort at the Planned Parenthood on Locust Street, which failed a health inspection for failing to provide adequate follow-up care to abortion patients. Call me cynical, but when one of those girls experiences a complication, I highly doubt that the law students who helped her get a judicial bypass will be anywhere in sight.

In addition, the school offers pro bono hours to law students who stifle pro-life speech outside of abortion centers.

The Director of Public Service and Pro Bono Programs refuses to take these concerns seriously, but we will not quit that easily! It’s time to move up the ladder. Please sign this petition to the Dean and Law School Board by Thursday. It takes just a minute of your time to demand that Drexel end its complicity with abortion and censorship.

For Life,
Kelsey Hazzard
President of Secular Pro-Life

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