Well done, Mr. Bale

Well done, Mr. Bale July 25, 2012

Visits victims in CO on his own dime. Classy.  The reason the pic is so crummy is because he told the press to stay away.  I’m likin’ this guy.  He also, by the way, tried to very publicly go see a prolife guy who was being persecuted by the Commies while he was in China.  Yep.  I like him.

One of the nice things about simply tuning out the yah yah of the people determined to give oxygen to the wrong parts of this story is the number of things that come to the fore–such as this one.  That, and the fact that there are several stories of real heroism about guys who threw themselves in front of their girlfriends to protect them give me hope that nihlism is not winning the day here.

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  • Confederate Papist

    (Applause, thunderous applause!)

    He didn’t even have to do this and I really hope he, or anyone else in the franchise, doesn’t feel responsible for what happened there. He is a class act, and that’s very hard to find in Hollywood these days!

  • I was very glad to see him do this. I wouldn’t have thought bad of him or anyone else in the movie for not doing it. I don’t think anyone would have, since nobody blames the film or holds it accountable. So that makes it all the more special. Well done.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      It’d be dumb to blame a loop of cellulose, I agree. But a culture awash in violent entertainment is a culture destined to be awash in violence.

      Make more of those types of images, watch more of these types of tragedies. And that it only really impacts the weak and afflicted makes it even worse.

  • TC

    Gooood for him!!

  • Heather Price

    You can tell the difference between the pix taken at the outside memorial, where the press had access, and those taken inside where they didn’t.
    Kudos to Mr. Bale.