Why I Respect Jon Stewart

Why I Respect Jon Stewart July 25, 2012

Sure he’s biased. Duh. But he’s also honest:

Note: This is not about the shooter (may his name perish in oblivion). This is about the purveyors of beer and shampoo (and their ideological agendas) who casually destroy people without apology. Ross should face Dan Rather’s fate.

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  • SDG

    Long ago, we relied on journalists to call out unethical politicians. Now we rely on comedians to call out unethical journalists.

    • Mark Shea

      Steve for the win!

      • Confederate Papist

        He’s got my vote!

    • Linebyline

      So who calls out unethical comedians?

      (Not that I’m implying anything about Stewart; just planning ahead.)

  • Phil Cathell

    It’s hard to respect Mr. Stewart when I see videos of his “citing” the Bible for the definition of marriage in response to the Chick-Fil-A subject.

    • Mark Shea

      As I say, “Duh.” He’s a standard issue lefty. But given his limitations on such matters, he’s honest.

      • Ted Seeber

        He’s also Secular Jewish, which means he’s probably reading a different interpretation of the Bible than you, I, or Phil is.

  • I wouldn’t say respect. It goes down hard to offer respect to someone who bends his so many of his talents and energies against so many foundational beliefs and values I hold dear. I can hat tip when he calls a spade a spade, but hat tip is about all he will get.

  • Ingvar

    I had to find this on Youtube because I’m in Canada, but I’ll have to say I have more respect for Jon Stewart than I did before. I disagree with him on so many important things. It’s nice to see him call that journalist out for being so biased, even if Jon may be sympathetic to the ideas behind the bias. This Brian Ross guy is ABC’s chief investigative correspondent? Yeah, he needs to be fired and his bosses need take a serious look at their lack of good judgement in hiring journalists.

  • Franciscan

    I think calling Jon Stewart “honest” based on his honesty in one instance isn’t really justified. He’s frequently dishonest in his treatment of those who oppose his views in regard to abortion, gay marriage and various other issues. It’s more than just “liberal bias”. After watching Stewart for some time, it’s clear that he’s a liberal with an agenda, but he’s more sophisticated than some of the blatant liberals that make no real pretense at all at fairness and balance (think Keith Olbermann/Ed Schultz). I think he (correctly) realized after being called out by Chris Wallace that it would behoove him to provide himself a little more cover. I know conservatives and moderates who regularly watch Stewart. I watch him with some frequency as well. He’s often very funny and effective. But if he comes off as too biased, he’ll lose viewers and the platform by which he tries to move people to his world-view.

    So, is he really “honest”? I think that might be a bit of a stretch.

    You can see a report of the interview between Stewart and Wallace at the Washington Post blog. They also have the unedited interview at the bottom of the piece:


    • Franciscan

      FYI – by mentioning Wallace and his interview with Stewart, my intention was not to suggest that Fox News is completely fair, honest and balanced. But I think he made some fair points in regard to Stewart in the interview. And I think it’s clear from Stewart’s reaction that he realized that.

    • Yeah, that’s another thing. I’ve seen him use some pretty creative editing and taking things out of context to portray people on the other side of the ideological aisle in the worst possible way. Maybe not outright lying, but I’m not sure if it qualifies for honesty either.

      • Mark Shea

        I’m glad we’ve really nailed down the fact that Stewart is what he has always made clear he is: a secular Jewish New Yorker with the attendant worldview. Duh. Yes. It’s true. He would not pass an ideological purity exam in the conservative Catholic blogosphere. However, *granting all that* (which I did), he nonetheless has the stones to blast his own team when they are dishonest instead of paper it over. Which was my point. So I say “Give credit where it is due.”

        • I do. But that’s as far as I go. Of course he can be right once in a while. So can that proverbial broken clock. But a person who twists up and attempts to hamstring those fighting against sins that cry out to God for vengeance is going to have to do more than speak something that everyone across the media is screaming about to get respect from me.

        • Franciscan

          Not to beat a dead horse – but I did give credit where it was due, Mark. I acknowledged that Stewart was honest *in this instance*. But that’s different that making a blanket statement Stewart’s “honest” or that I respect him for his honesty – which is what you did. Your statement was more general/global. You didn’t say, “Why I respect what Jon Stewart did — sure he can be biased, but he can also be honest” or “Stewart was honest here and he deserves kudos for that.” I would have agreed with that. And I wouldn’t describe what he does as solely mere liberal bias, either. He’s dishonest at times. Maybe your statement was just broader/more general than you actually intended?

    • Randall

      I think you’re showing your own bias. The Daily Show DOES more often joke about conservatives than liberals but It’s very Limbaugh-esque of you to make that into some conspiracy theory “agenda” of Stewart trying to convert people. Stewart is a comedian and like all comedians his world view influences the content he produces. When Stewart was on crossfire he said that the show is about poking fun at the absurdity of the system. I think that this is exactly what he does he pokes fun a the absurdity of the system from HIS perspective. That doesn’t mean he has an “Agenda” that means he’s being a comedian and sure he’s a liberal so he’s gonna spot conservative absurdity a little more but when he spots it in liberals he makes fun of that too.

      • Franciscan

        I think that’s very naive. Such “mere comedians” have made their way to the U.S. Senate – such as liberal Minnesota senator Al Franken. Stewart is a political player, and he knows it. Limbaugh often claims to be a mere “entertainer”, too. That’s equally nonsense, and he’s not even nearly as funny as Stewart.

  • Chris

    Really? May his name perish in oblivion? How about, “May our brother James Holmes receive the extraordinary grace of conversion and repent of his sins…”

    We need to know his name and pray for him, not consign him to perdition. We can both be outraged at his actions and recognize that God still loves him and wants his salvation as much as he wants ours.

    • Mark Shea

      Please see my earlier posts on this matter before leaping to conclusions about what I meant.

      • Chris

        Sorry, didn’t know I need to review all of your posts to know what you meant by “may his name perish in oblivion”. I find it ironic that, in the same post (July 23) in which you declare to never utter his name again, you throw out the name “Judas”, as if his crime isn’t almost certainly the worst crime in all history.

        Refusing to give this (yes, terribly evil) man the right to his name, doesn’t come from a place of love. God will utter his name at the judgment. We don’t get to strip him of the garment of human dignity, regardless of his crimes. And turning him over to God’s mercy doesn’t excuse our own (re)actions.

        Your mileage may vary.