Rebecca Hamilton Gets It

Rebecca Hamilton Gets It September 10, 2012

Oklahoma: do not drop this woman, because if you break her you won’t find another one like her soon. She writes:

Public Catholic exists because of two events.

1. President Obama declared war on my church. I first learned about the (then) proposed HHS Mandate forcing religious institutions to purchase insurance that paid for contraceptives, abortifacients and sterilization in the fall of 2011. I knew immediately that this was an unprecedented attack on religious freedom. I also saw it as a deliberate attempt to destroy the Church’s moral voice by forcing it to compromise its teachings in the face of government power. I had known for a long time that Christianity in general, and the Catholic Church in particular, was under growing secularist attack. But this mandate went beyond what I thought any President would do.

2. The Republican-led Oklahoma House of Representatives killed over half the pro-life bills backed by Oklahomans for Life in 2012. They used exactly the same tactics the Democrats had used to kill pro-life bills for decades. When Oklahomans for life attempted to hold them accountable in the same manner they had held Democrats accountable in the past, House leadership became verbally abusive with pro-life activists.

They carried this so far that a prominent pro-life activist who had spent decades in the trenches fighting for life and who had basically gotten these people elected to office wrote a cowering letter of apology to the House Republicans. Pro life leaders apologized to so-called “100% pro-life” Republicans for expecting them to vote pro-life. Think about it.

The first event — the HHS Mandate — got me out of my chair. The second — the arrogant, heartless, hypocritical killing of pro-life bills by “pro-life” legislators — set me in motion.

The first cardinal virtue is prudence: having a clear understanding of What is So and of the smart way to navigate What is So rather than waste time trying to pretend the world is how we would like it to be, or how our ideology insists it should be in the teeth of the facts.  Rebecca Hamilton understand the reality that a) the Obama Administration is at war with the Church and b) the so-called “pro-life Republicans” regard prolifers as useful idiots, while the prolife leadership in this country has lost sight of the mission (saving innocent human life from destruction) and allowed themselves to become wholly owned subsidiaries of the GOP.  The answer is for prolifers to break free of the lie that we serve the party just as we must break free of the lie that we serve the state.  The state serves us.  Obama is attempting to force the Church to serve the state.  Voters should tell him ‘You’re fired, you arrogant tyrant”.  And if the Republican party does not listen to our will, it too should be punished, not groveled to.   We don’t work for them.  They work for us.

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