Still Forced to Rattle the Tin Cup

Still Forced to Rattle the Tin Cup September 14, 2012

We at Chez Shea are deeply grateful to all y’all who have contributed.  We’re in a bit of a financial jam right now.  We live on a financial knife edge and between a financially dry summer, wedding costs, and quarterly taxes for the self-employed (and uninsured), we are more than usually teetering on the knife edge.  If you like what you get here, please consider throwing as many shekels as you can in the Donate button under my ugly mug on the right rail.

Better still, your parish or other Catholic gathering can’t go wrong if you hire me to come speak for you.  And if you want to check my bona fides you can order some of my books or audio/visual materials to read what I think, hear how I speak and whet your appetite for more.  I can probably even supply you with Letters of Marque from previous satisfied folk who have had me out to speak.  So, f’rinstance, I just spoke at Marytown in Chicago and will be back there October 20 to talk about Our Lady, then again in December to address the Militia Immaculata retreat.  Also, I spoke in Los Alamos last December and the priest was so happy he invited me and my family to come back this past July.  So it’s really crucial that you get me to your parish, conference or gathering.  You’ll learn a bunch of cool and practical stuff and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

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