It hasn’t been a happy week…

It hasn’t been a happy week… December 11, 2012

…for the members of the Life-Hating Chattering Classes in New York and London. First, the Royals erupt in some good old-fashioned joy at the thought of a new baby, followed closely in their happiness by the unwashed mouth-breathing Normals on both sides of the Atlantic who still think babies are pretty cool, then America gets the bad news that our birth rate has plummeted and the ever sensible Ross Douthat, in the very pages of the sacrosanct organ of culture manufacture called the New York Times *dares* to suggest that a culture that doesn’t much care for babies is a decadent and selfish culture.

Well. This must not stand. So this week some designated hitter for Life Deniers writes a piece that might as well have been titled “NO YOU! ROSS DOUTHAT IS BREEDER!” Basically, it’s a piece designed to put heart in the faithful as they grow old in their childless, selfish world and tell themselves they are the Better Sort.

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