Hear that Huge Outcry?

Hear that Huge Outcry? January 16, 2013

Me neither.

About what?

A reader writes:

You might be interested in this.

I’m looking forward to all of the publicity this will garner in the major press outlets and the shrill outcry for investigation into who in the abortion industry knew and what did they do to cover it up. Also for links to be drawn between the evil of abortion and pedophilia, just as the scandal in the Church was used to attack celibacy, the all-male priesthood, traditional marriage, contraception, whatever sexual more stood in the way of a good time. I also believe the moon is made up of blue cheese.

Fake dudgeon on behalf of The Children is one of the first things they seem to teach at J school. Useful for attacking Christians, but of course nobody really cares when it’s a choice between, you know, *choice* and children. Our Manufacturers of Culture see the innocent more along the lines of “human shields” than as actual victims who matter no matter who is abusing them.

God, however, cares about them all the time–and he sees and does not forget. That’s not good news for the abusers or the bishops who covered it up. It’s also not good news for the trendy lefties who suddenly drop their fake dudgeon when the victim is no longer useful. The only way to make God forget such a sin is to repent.

Question: where, in our culture, are such things as repenting and asking for mercy and forgiveness of sin still permitted for discussion: in the corridors of power in DC or in a Catholic parish?

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