Mahony to Gomez

Mahony to Gomez February 1, 2013

“No! This cannot be! I am invincible! If I must go, I will take as many of you with me as I can destroy!!!!”

The voice of the Good Shepherd. Yeah.

Look, if it turns out that Abp. Gomez is somehow complicit, then by all means let him face the music. On the other hand, given that Mahony is a proven multiple liar and manipulator, and a truly disgusting example of a horrible shepherd with no concern for the sheep, I don’t simply take him at his word when he vengefully and narcissistically attempts to destroy those who are disciplining him. So I’ll wait and see where this goes. Meanwhile, I’m with Joanne McPortland, Mahony has zero interest in the flock and is only acting out of interest in saving his own sorry butt. He should stop. If there is something the cops and investigators need to know there are lots of opportunities to fill them in. This is just Mahony doing what he does all too often: manipulating for his own sake and not out of any concern at all for victims or for Christ’s gospel and Church.

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