Fundamentalist Etymologies

Fundamentalist Etymologies April 8, 2013

In which we deal with the old “‘Easter’ is really the worship of a pagan deity” chestnut trotted out by ignorant English-speakers this time every year.

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  • Ralph Ellis


    Regards Easter = Ishtar.

    Actually, Easter and the Easter-egg came from the Egyptian Isis.

    In Egyptian Isis was called Ast or Est, from which we derive Ester or Easter (referring to a star or the heavens). And remember that Isis-Est was a fertility goddess, as much as she was the Queen of Heaven.

    And the Easter-egg came from the spelling, because Est was spelt with the easter-egg glyph. So yes, there are associations with fertility in the symbology of Est (Isis). Oh, and Ishtar (Isht-ar) came from the Egyptian Est (Isis), and not the other way around.

    (See: Cleopatra to Christ)