Serious Questions Raised…

Serious Questions Raised… May 28, 2013

…about Russ Ford’s story.

Don’t know the man myself (I think I’ve seen pieces he’s written here and there but I couldn’t tell you five words he’s said).  Still and all, I think Catholics should proceed with caution given what Aletia has to say.

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  • Mark.

    Sigh. Read his conversion story in one of those books of personal accounts, and it seemed subtly wrong. Saw him on The Journey Home. Beats me. I keep forgetting to pray for people, but I’ll try to pray for him.

  • rakowskidp

    I just watched his story on The Journey Home, and something seemed… off. There were far too many grand, unverifiable claims about his experiences in prison. I had this distinct fear that we were witnessing another Fr. Corapi-like phenomenon.
    I hope something good comes of Aleteia’s investigation.

    • michigancatholic

      I love EWTN but they need better documentation of their guests and hosts too, for that matter. Their batting average is in the tank nowdays.

      • What other guest and host have they struck out on?

      • Karen LH

        Same question as David: what other guests have been off?

        I did get the same Corapi-vibe when I listened to the show. It would be a shame, because I always liked his articles in This Rock.

  • appletree

    It is an unfortunate case because my heart tells me there are some genuine elements of his story. I have seen Russ speak once and have read some of his material. It is pretty orthodox but like the two other comments so far, something seems “off”. Maybe it has to do with him spending two decades in prison, I don’t know but it is definitely the “Corapi vibe”.

    Either way — since all truth has already been revealed — I am paying no heed to his message until the apparent lies get straightened out. Here are the articles I’ve seen so far on this matter:

    and one story has already been retracted due to the scandal:

    • michigancatholic

      Yes, but there’s a huge appetite for this sort of stuff, and I use that word loosely, among Catholics who are trying to convince themselves that everything is honky-dory in the Church. It’s part of the echo chamber that we have going now, which has sort of replaced other more historical and reputable ideas of the Church for many people.

      • appletree

        Russ Ford was actually quite critical of the Church in his This Rock articles throughout the years — sometimes too critical in a lack-of-respect kinda way (at least that’s the impression that I had). From what I can ascertain he certainly doesn’t think everything is ‘honky-dory’. Also, he proportadely was doing some major evangelization in prison, and getting converts. These are two uncommon features of the Laissez-faire U.S. Catholicism. So yeah, his ministry is an attractive thing to many people … AND that’s why it’s so dangerous that he is lying … because if what he is doing catches traction, it could be a larger scandal down the road.

  • michigancatholic

    Don’t we have enough trouble with sex offenders without recruiting them to speak at Catholic retreats? Whisky Tango Foxtrot. What is wrong with the Catholic Church in the USA that this gets under our radar?

  • Mark R

    The constant hyperactivity and limelight seeking on the part of many very very new convert apologists bothers me.

    • appletree

      He did just get out of prison and likely doesn’t have many job opportunities. I doubt he is living-it-up, right now. But I know what you’re saying.

  • TT

    This is an example of people with good intentions using less than honest means to bring about their goals. I just hope anyone who’s sent money to Russ based on their assumptions that his story was true will get it back. I know he was peddling this misinformation at a Kansas City conference and was soliciting money from the guests.