Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests October 25, 2013

From Raving Theist, who runs the volunteer ministry Beyond Morning Sickness. Please pray!

On behalf of our volunteer N, I am asking for your emergency prayers for two couples she met under the most extraordinary of circumstances. Please forward this e-mail to any pro-life friends you know.

Last week, one of the restaurant employees that N’s husband J supervises requested a day off to take his girlfriend to Planned Parenthood. The girlfriend also works there, and J risked his job by using that information to call them together and attempt to dissuade them. They listened, but it was clear that they intended to go through with the abortion. Their initial appointment was today.

N happens to pray and counsel people outside the same Planned Parenthood. When she saw a couple leaving, she called J and determined that they met the description. She waved them down, stopping in front of their car. Holding her baby girl, N poured her heart out to them, and reminded them of the baby that was at stake. After the woman showed her the sonogram, N asked them to leave the car and pray with her. But when she addressed the woman, S . . .

. . . she said “My name isn’t S.”

But together they prayed, A and M and N. Before they parted, N introduced them to her two other children, J and C, and hugged them goodbye.

N got in her car to leave, but could not. J had turned the ignition and drained the battery. While waiting for assistance, another couple emerged. She saw that they were headed to a car that J had described belonging to one of the employees in question. She approached them and asked if they would pray with her. They said no.

But when N called out “S”, the woman walked toward her. Another long and tearful conversation ensued.

However, there is still a chance that both couples may return tomorrow. N asks:

“PLEASE pray your heart out that this was not all done in vain. I KNOW God placed me there at that moment to mistake the first couple. I wouldn’t have been brave enough otherwise to stand in front of their car. I know God allowed my car not to start to run into the second couple. Please pray for M, A, JD and S that both A and S would not kill their babies tomorrow.

Please pray for these 6 people. For the 4 adults and 2 babies!!”

God bless you.

Father, hear our prayer that these men and women would choose life for their children. Mother Mary, pray for them. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another reader writes:

Mr. Shea, please ask your readers to pray for me as I struggle to find work. I had a major conversion experience several years ago when my father was diagnosed with cancer and have been struggling to discern God’s will for my life ever since. I am a graduate student. I am capable and willing to work, however I believe I keep getting passed over for jobs because of my weak employment history and long-term unemployment. I have also been struggling for years with scrupulosity, which has contributed to the very difficult situation I’m in. Please pray that God soon puts me on the right career path for me so I can pay my bills and be in a position to provide for my mother as my father has passed away. Please also remember all those struggling with unemployment and underemployment. Thank you and God bless you.

Father, hear our prayer that your son would be delivered from scrupulosity and that you would give him a good job at a living wage so that he can help his mother. Free him to live in your peace, secure in the knowledge that you love him and are not constantly judging him. Help him to give all that to you and to focus on his work in peace and freedom. Help all those struggling with unemployment. Mother Mary and St. Joseph the worker, pray for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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