New Author!

New Author! November 14, 2013

Reader Draper Warren writes:

I am a new author to the Seton Magazine (Catholic homeschooling), and recently wrote an article that might be of interest.

Training Our Children to be Urban Legend Detectors

I think that’s an important skill to learn and teach. As everything from 9/11 trutherism, to Trig Trutherism, to Birthers, to people getting snookered by Onion articles about J.K. Rowling being a witch, to my own occasional snookering by spoof sites, to stunning exercises in discernment-free cluelessness throughout the blogosphere (Pope Francis is a Mason who is going to destroy the Church and Vladimir Putin is a latter-day Constantine and heroic saint!) the ability to discern fact from fiction is a vital and disappearing skill. Check thou it out!

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  • Thanks for the post Mark!

  • Jason Hall

    Mark, Mark, Mark…when are you going to learn? Pope Francis isn’t a Mason. John XXIII was a Mason apostate and Pope Francis is undermining the Church by canonizing him. Get you conspiracies straight!