The CDF Remind us that Pilgrimages to Medjugorje are Forbidden

The CDF Remind us that Pilgrimages to Medjugorje are Forbidden November 6, 2013

and that, for the same reason, when one of the fake “visionaries” shows up on our soil to stage a fake “apparition”, you should avoid that too.

There are plenty of approved private revelations. Stick with those. Things are not going to end well for the Medjugorje fraud. So instead of yet another massive exercise of the anti-charism of discernment in which people explain their missing of the incredibly obvious by recourse to all the standard denialism like “It’s somebody else’s fault that my folk hero is a documented fraud. It’s because the Vatican is being run by Jews and Masons! It’s because Francis is a false prophet! It’s because the smoke of Satan has entered the CDF! It’s because the Croatian bishops of part of The Conspiracy!” just face the fact right now that the local ordinaries have, multiple times, told you that there is nothing supernatural happening and that pilgrimages are forbidden. Face the fact that the “visionaries” have gotten rich off this fraud. Face the fact that their “spiritual advisor” got somebody pregnant and ditched the priesthood.

The CDF, contrary to the delusion of Medjugorje true believers, is not going to overturn the findings of the local ordinaries. The case was not “taken out of the hands of the evil local bishops” so that a righteous pope could heap shame on these latter day condemners of Joan of Arc. It was *handed* to Rome *by* the local ordinaries in the hope that the suckers who are adamantly refusing to listen to the local ordinaries might at least listen to Rome. Whether they will is anybody’s guess, but the latest from the CDF makes clear that things are not trending well for the Medjugorje fraud. Hopefully, the investigators will issue a statement soon. The Ents of Rome are a methodical lot.

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