Latest News on the Tasty Syrups of Mercy Front

Latest News on the Tasty Syrups of Mercy Front February 26, 2014

The good wife of the good deacon writes about their excellent adventure in selling syrup for a good cause (which you can find out more about here):

We wanted to thank you again for your help spreading the word about our syrup fundraiser.  A couple of weeks ago, we headed up to New York from our farm in central Massachusetts and brought home our new-to-us evaporator set up.  I (Nissa) wanted to get a great photo of the whole family surrounding the evaporator -all Christmas card style – but gathering everyone in a single place at one time is akin to herding cats.  So, here is the evaporator, inside the barn, looking a little lonely without its people, and still waiting in the trailer to be put in its new place, bricked up and put to good use.  The noodly stuff is the tubing, attached to the spiles that will go into the trees in just a week or so.

[Insert picture of awesome steampunk syrup-making machine thingie with lots of plastic tubes everywhere that I can’t copy to WordPress, so use your imagination.]

Pre-orders are still open until we start sugaring.  And we have a new goal.  Two, actually.  The remaining maple syrup sales will go to restore the dairy (right through that sliding door there behind the evaporator) so that we can get licensed by the Commonwealth to sell our goats’ milk. <skip supernaturally long story about why we are so passionate about goat’s milk>  The remaining birch syrup sales will go toward a fund to help us to adopt an older sibling group from Ukraine.  Relevance: Birch syrup is very popular in Ukraine.  We have been working toward this adoption since long before the current troubles erupted, but it all seems more urgent now because of what is happening.

We treasure all of the prayers and well-wishes we have received by private message, by email, and notes on pre-orders.  They make us want to work harder to bless more people and give greater glory to Him from whom all blessings flow.  We are honored to be used in this way.

Thanks again Mark!

Most. Delicious. Work. Of. Mercy. EVAR!!!

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