Good Morning! It’s Day 2 of the Tin Cup Rattle

Good Morning! It’s Day 2 of the Tin Cup Rattle March 4, 2014

This is one of those (please God) increasingly rare times where I ask for some small support for my efforts to provide you with the sort of Catholic content, newsiness, fun, and so forth that is this blog. We Sheas are in more than normal narrow financial straits at present. I am a writer (and sole breadwinner) trying to support a family. We live *very* frugally, as readers who know us can attest, but still your help will really help right now.

So, I’m here to say that I hope you’ll agree the what you get here and elsewhere from my work is valuable to you. I appreciate the generosity of the folks who have responded so far very much, and if you haven’t I hope you will join them.

So I’m askin’ ya, if everybody who has gotten something good from this blog will kick in some bucks on the donation button over on the right (I’m not shy, be as generous as you can) you’d be supporting what I think is an eminently worthy cause and saving our financial bacon as we struggle through another month. I try to avoid doing this as much as I can. But this quarter I’m taking time to say, “If you like what you get here, then please be as generous as you can and help out with the care and feeding of a unique news, opinion, and information source that you just can’t find anyplace else.”

Many thanks again to all y’all for your kindness to us Sheas! May God bless you for your generosity in Christ Jesus.

Oh, and remember, you can buy my books and tapes!. And if you’d don’t trust PayPal (though they are extremely reliable), feel free to email me and ask for my snailmail address. I’ll happily take a check instead.

And for those who are wondering: I’m still waiting to hear from Marytown on the prices for the re-issue of Mary, Mother of the Son. As soon as I know, I will make pre-orders available on my blog.

And just so you understand: The eternal law for all authors is “The author always gets the most money if you buy the book from the author.” That’s because standard publishing contracts typically include a clause which allows the author to buy the work at a discount (usually 40% to 50%) from the publisher and then re-sell it at retail. So: buy this and all my books from me and help me keep bread on the table and a roof over my head!

I’m also happy to sell you my books live and in person if you have me come and speak for you!

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