Memo to Those Who Screw Over our Troops…

Memo to Those Who Screw Over our Troops… May 27, 2014

God sees and does not forget.

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  • Dave G.

    I saw the second one the other night. Its main purpose, of course, was to deflect attention from the current administration’s culpability by playing the ‘everyone has always done it’ card. Just like back in the 90s, when we found out that all presidents, and probably all men, have had affairs and lied about it. It’s a great way to deflect from the current issue, and of course avoid solving the problems and kick things down the road until the right person is in office for us to rally against and demand a solution from. And if it happens under our guy’s watch, well deflect. For my money, that’s why problems like this aren’t getting solved. We’re only interested in solving them if it doesn’t hit against our own whims and fancies in doing so. Stewart, Beck, Colbert, Limbaugh, Maher, Hannity, FOX, MSNBC – they’re all the same to me, and a major reason problems like this continue.

    • cmfe

      I respectfully disagree. Dismissing all of the above as false equivalencies are a big part of the reason problems like this continue. Since you mentioned MSNBC, Chris Hays has done some great reporting on this issue.

      • Dave G.

        And so has Chris Wallace. But too much of it boils down to ‘protect the team’ as first response, and someday we’ll get around to solving the problem (which probably will mean admitting folks across the board are part of the problem, as opposed to just ‘those folks’). You’ll have good reporting at different times from different sources to be sure, but too seldom, and you have to wade through too much to find it.

        • cmfe

          No ne has said that being a responsible citizen of a democracy wasn’t work.

    • JM1001

      Its main purpose, of course, was to deflect attention from the current
      administration’s culpability by playing the ‘everyone has always done
      it’ card.

      Well, no. Its main purpose was to demonstrate that many of the Republicans who are criticizing the administration on this issue lack sufficient moral credibility to do so, which is a completely valid point to make. Stewart doesn’t “deflect attention” away from the administration; in fact, at 2:15 in the first video, he even says “As the president’s critics rightly pointed out…”

      It’s not illegitimate to simply point out someone’s hypocrisy and lack of moral credibility on an issue (one could say that’s a satirist’s job).

      To use an extreme example, it would be like if dictator A, who is guilty of human rights abuses, criticized the human rights abuses of dictator B in a neighboring country. One can simultaneously condemn the human rights abuses of dictator B while pointing out (using satire if you wish) the rank hypocrisy and lack of moral credibility of dictator A on the issue of human rights abuses.

      Likewise, one can acknowledge the failures of the Obama administration on this issue, while simultaneously pointing out that many of his critics are being hypocrites and lack any moral credibility in their outrage.

      • Dave G.

        No it isn’t wrong to point out the hypocrisy, and if the ratio of going after the GOP’s hypocrisy versus the hypocrisy of the Democrats was closer to 50/50, that would be great. That seldom happens with Stewart, or any of the pundits today. As it is, Limbaugh, Stewart, Colbert, Hannity, even Beck are often right in what they attack. They just leave out a tremendous amount of the overall picture – and that’s the problem. All part of the same general problem. Sometimes right, but not right enough to counterbalance the harm they do by turning us into a society that wants our own opinions affirmed, rather than a society that wants our opinions informed by what is true.

        • JM1001

          You don’t really watch much of the Daily Show, do you? Stewart criticizes Democrats just as much as Republicans, at least it seems to me. And Stewart’s satire is often at its best and most incisive when he criticizes Democrats’ hypocrisy. Just a few examples:

          (1) Stewart on Obama’s hypocrisy regarding Executive power in the War on Terror

          (2) Stewart on Obama’s hypocrisy regarding Executive Privilege in the Fast and Furious scandal

          (3) Stewart on the Obama administration’s hypocrisy regarding corruption in nominating diplomats

          Those are just a few examples from a random Google search.

          • Dave G.

            Yes I do. I didn’t use to, but I started as media reports began to point to Stewart and Colbert as new voices in the world of commenting on the news. Stewart will often go after the Democrats, as Limbaugh will Republicans. But within a day or so, he manages to deftly move it back to ‘enough about the White House…FOX NEWS!’ Enough about Obama…THE GOP!’ Again, he, like Beck, or Limbaugh, or anyone (O’Reilly is good as slamming Republicans), will certainly point out something that’s obvious. It’s watching how they then manage to say ‘enough about this…THE OTHER GUY!’ in order to maintain the focus. Trying to say Stewart or Colbert or Limbaugh or Hannity or FOX or MSNBC aren’t all part of the same basic advocacy is like saying there aren’t enough football fans in Columbus.

  • Willard

    Good stuff Mark. Senator Sanders of Vermont proposed legislation that would have expanded Veterans health and education programs and included 27 new medical facilities to deal with the increased burden due to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Unfortunately, it was filibustered in the Senate. Hopefully, with the attention now being paid, we can get this passed. If we are going to send our young people into battle, the least we can do is make sure they get the medical care they need.

    • chezami

      Gotta love the chickenhawks who use our troops as human shields.

  • obpoet

    Than darned Republican controlled Senate……wait…….