Prayer Request

Prayer Request July 16, 2014

A reader writes:

Please pray for a mother of 2 under the age of 6 – whose husband walked out a few months back. She’s a good Catholic, but has struggled with depression over the years, and is now on suicide watch. Friends report that her comments now don’t even sound like her: that it is the depression talking. Or oppression.

Father, hear our prayer that M will receive hope from the Holy Spirit, the Giver of life. Protect her by her guardian angel and the sword of St. Michael from any demonic power accessing her wounds. Surround her with friend and loved ones to support her and give her any medical and psychiatric hep she needs. Fill her with your Trinitarian life and assure her that you are with her in this suffering through Christ our Lord. Help, also, her children. Keep them safe and help them grow in peace and love. Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Dymphna, pray for her. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Update: My reader writes:

We now have some better news. Friends were able to convince M. to see her counselor, who was able to convince her – and accompany her – to checking into a mental hospital. Please thank all your prayerful readers for assisting in this turn-around: she is now seeking help, which is the necessary first step. Her kids are with family, so now everyone is safe. The road to recovery is long, but at least now she’s on it! Thanks be to God, His Saints & angels, and your wonderful readership.

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ! And thank youse guys for your prayers!

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  • Nosidam

    7 years ago my daughter and her 5 children were deserted by her husband who was leading a double life.
    It has been a struggle. But she is rather amazing. Hanging in there. If this lady wishes to speak to her, let me know.

  • jenny


  • (see below)

    may she find in prayer stability of mind. may she also have strong and constant social support. she has a sympathiser in me. about a year ago my wife walked out, blindsiding me. she also had been leading a double life. i too have depression and i too was on suicide watch and i think i understand what the writer means by ‘oppression.’

    (i’m a regular poster here who will post anonymously this time.)

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      We will keep you in prayers too then. That happened to my cousin few years back as well.

      • (see below)

        thank you rebecca. i hope your cousin has recovered. prayers all around then.

  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    I will certainly keep her in my prayers for healing and for protection, especially while she is inpatient. Many people think that a place like that is a good solution for someone who is intensely depressed to the point of suicide (and it *can* be for some people), but it can be an incredibly overwhelming experience and may make things worse – especially if the person isn’t treated with compassion, dignity, and competence.

    La tua sorella piccola

  • anna lisa

    Offering prayers and mass for her, and the anonymous poster below. Solidarity.