I Love Simcha Fisher and her Readers

I Love Simcha Fisher and her Readers August 18, 2014

So, Simcha is expecting again (yay!). This will be #10. And the Fisher folk are tickled pink because, you know, babies! Yay! Babies are unequivocal goods.

But of course, blind people can’t see that and lot of so-called pro-choice people aren’t really pro-choice at all. Some of them have very definite ideas about how many babies a mother should be happy about and really stiffen up when the number is exceeded and start doing what they can to shame mothers (and if they could do by force of law) kill “excess” babies and punish their parents for FertilityCrime.

One of these showed up on Simcha’s blog with some of the requisite buzzkill, prompting this exchange on her FB wall:

SIMCHA: Heh, I just got my first passive aggressive pro-choice phony congratulations on being pregnant. If you can’t be happy for someone who is happy about having a baby, then it might be time to rethink, like, everything.

READER: It is at these times Simcha, when we must remember it was once considered a miracle when an ass spoke. Now, not so much.

Seriously, don’t try to snow us with the claim to be “pro-choice” when it’s bleedin’ obvious that you demand only one “choice” and are openly hostile when a woman does not choose what you tell her to choose.

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