I Love Simcha Fisher and her Readers

I Love Simcha Fisher and her Readers August 18, 2014

So, Simcha is expecting again (yay!). This will be #10. And the Fisher folk are tickled pink because, you know, babies! Yay! Babies are unequivocal goods.

But of course, blind people can’t see that and lot of so-called pro-choice people aren’t really pro-choice at all. Some of them have very definite ideas about how many babies a mother should be happy about and really stiffen up when the number is exceeded and start doing what they can to shame mothers (and if they could do by force of law) kill “excess” babies and punish their parents for FertilityCrime.

One of these showed up on Simcha’s blog with some of the requisite buzzkill, prompting this exchange on her FB wall:

SIMCHA: Heh, I just got my first passive aggressive pro-choice phony congratulations on being pregnant. If you can’t be happy for someone who is happy about having a baby, then it might be time to rethink, like, everything.

READER: It is at these times Simcha, when we must remember it was once considered a miracle when an ass spoke. Now, not so much.

Seriously, don’t try to snow us with the claim to be “pro-choice” when it’s bleedin’ obvious that you demand only one “choice” and are openly hostile when a woman does not choose what you tell her to choose.

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  • David Naas

    But, Mark, you do not understand. It is YOU who are “intolerant” for not letting Them tell you how to live your life. (I just love the way our Orwellian — sorry, George — language has evolved to reflect the realities of our times. The wealthy elites practice a libertine lifestyle available only to the rich and privileged, promote genocide under the banner of Choice, and come down like Harpies (classical allusion here) on any who show distain for their version of “Family Values” (by having lots of kids they love and adore).
    Call it “Liberal” (it ain’t), call it “libertine” (it certainly is), but never by all means, NEVER, call it by its right name. ( I was thinking, “inhuman” here, but… let it go.)

  • Catholic pilgrim

    Yes, God bless Simcha, her family & their little baby in the womb. I love her way of speaking Truth with gentleness & care but also using light-hearted humor along the way.

  • obpoet

    One of the mysteries of scripture for me, is why it does not speak volumes on the blessings of children. What it says is positive enough, it just says far less than one who loves children would expect. It remains a mystery.

    • Anna

      I presume it’s mainly because the writers felt no need to drive home the point that was already taken by their whole culture. No one was trying to avoid offspring, and those with no children were considered cursed. So why belabor something that everyone took for granted? And, actually, that children are a blessing is noted very often (both generically as in Psalms, and specifically as in the story of Abraham and Isaac), and certainly driven home by the whole use of the Father/Son language of revelation (i.e. exalting the family as the primary analogy for the Godhead).

    • Evelyn

      I figure that given the time period(s) in which scripture was written, nobody needed persuading.

  • oruals’ kindred

    An unsubtle passive-aggressive too :-/

  • TheConductor

    Well, here’s my situation: I don’t have children, because of mistakes my wife and I made in the past before I came to embrace Catholicism fully. As a result, our penance for not having children is…not having children (we’re past the age where that’s likely to happen). It would be nice if the Catholic community online once in a while were a little more welcoming and a little less ready to condescend, whether openly or subtly (note the comment above pointing out that in the past couples without children were considered cursed; I guess as a cursed person I ought not to be commenting here amidst my moral superiors). I am most happy for Simcha’s baby. I just wish I were not so readily put down for not having one.