Reader Brian Visaggio writes…

Reader Brian Visaggio writes… January 16, 2015

I was wondering if you might be able to post a link to my kickstarter campaign for my new comic, Andrew Jackson in Space? It seems like the sort of quixotic idea you’d be into. It’s not explicitly Catholic-related excepting insofar as I’m Catholic; it’s mostly just a fun adventure story starring one of America’s most problematic figures. It’s the sort of story I like to think of as implicitly Catholic, because I’m bringing that sort of attitude and imagination to it; Jackson isn’t a clear-cut hero or a clear-cut villain but a man who could be both damned or saved. Also there’s a scene where he bursts into a courtroom brandishing a gun.

We’re trying to fund production of the first book.

You can view the campaign at here.

If you’re interested in detail regarding Jackson’s problemata, see this interview I gave Multiversity Comics.

Check thou it out!

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