One of Japan’s Leading Exports…

One of Japan’s Leading Exports… February 14, 2015

is weirdness.

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  • this is so awesome! Thanks.

  • Joe

    Actually, they have a point. Christmas and St Valentines Day in Japan are more secular and commercial than they are in this country. In fact, Christmas is nothing but commercial over there.

    • Paxton Reis

      I was quite surprised on my first December business trip to Japan about 17 years ago, and how much the hotels, malls, and stores were decked out with Christmas stuff.

  • Sue Murphy Umezaki

    Haha!!! Love it! Considering the fact that only men receive chocolate on Valentine’s Day over here (much to the chagrin of many American women living in Japan!), one can only assume that this is the club of the guys that get passed over every year! The whole holiday is pretty silly over here, and I have to agree that it is all completely engineered by the chocolate companies – they even made a new holiday on March 14, called White Day, when all of the guys are supposed to give chocolate back to each person they received some from a month earlier. Ahh, Japan!

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    The second paragraph explains the real reason. These guys aren’t anti-chocolate or anti-capitalist. They just need a girlfriend.


    “The group, known as Kakuhido, which translates roughly as the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive, will march for an hour and a half through Tokyo’s Shibuya district.”