Day 1 of the Tin Cup Rattle

Day 1 of the Tin Cup Rattle March 2, 2015

If you like my work, please help keep an emphatically lower middle class writer with a dead 98 Ford Escort, a dying computer, an imminent income, self-employment, property, and quarterly tax bill, two kids in college and a savings account on fumes remain solvent so he can keep bringing you the weird combination of offbeat humor, theological ramblings, ecclesial and civil politics, and various cultural ephemera that you’ve come to realize you can’t live without. Click on the PayPal button to the right and help CAEI stay on the air and our kids stay fed, housed, colleged and transportated. You can either make a straight donation by clicking on the button on the right rail or, if you like to get something for your money beyond the blog, you can buy my books and tapes (autographed even!). Mary, Mother of the Son, By What Authority (Revised and Expanded), Salt and Light, The Heart of Catholic Prayer and The Work of Mercy are the latest in a series of books I’m rather fond of and hope you will like too (don’t worry, there are lots of other materials as well. And if you’d rather not do the PayPal thang, feel free to email me and ask for my snailmail address. I’ll happily take a check instead.

Also, do remember that I’m available to come and speak!

"I shared the discussion with my heathen/heretic friends, so they dropped by to show their ..."

Reader DoughnutGuy Gets It
"You can hug me in heaven."

Reader DoughnutGuy Gets It
"May I ask why the comments have so many anime refrences? Just curious."

Reader DoughnutGuy Gets It

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  • Wasn’t there a discussion on here about how wealth creates immorality? I’d donate, Mark, but I’d hate to encourage your sinfulness and potentially damn you hell. 😉

    (nah, I might have a little)

  • Jill

    Does Paypal take a percentage of donations made that way? (The only reason I’d be iffy about Paypal is if they take a big chuck of the donation.)

    • Mark Shea

      They skim off the top. I’m not clear on the %.

      • Jill

        Hmm, it looks like it depends on how your donate page is set up. Transferring money is free but using it as a seller is about 3%:
        I think it looks like your donate button is set up as a seller…

        Is your email address listed above able to receive paypal money transfers? (I’d rather not donate to Paypal Inc.)

  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA. Contribution winging its way via PayPal.