School to Student: You march right back home young lady…

School to Student: You march right back home young lady… May 22, 2015

and put on something more revealing!

Muslim student get the boot for wearing skirts that are too long.

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  • Joseph

    What? I can understand how the welder’s mask headwear can cause unnecessary distractions in school, but a long skirt? A long skirt is totally innocuous. This sounds to me like anti-Muslim behaviour.

    • Dan13

      Exactly. I’ve read a lot of sentiment that a French Catholic girl in the same situation (i.e., wearing a long skirt for modesty reasons) wouldn’t have been punished. Likely the French secularists see the Muslims as “others” and the Catholics as “kooky cousins.” One group is tolerated as part of the “family,” the other isn’t.

      • MarylandBill

        Well, in part because even observant traditional Catholics generally wouldn’t require a floor length skirt to meet their standards of modesty, so there is a difference. That being said, clearly choosing to wear a long skirt does not identify one as a Muslim since women choose to wear them for all sorts of reasons besides religious ones.

        • Marthe Lépine

          And, as could be seen from the photos from a fairly recent New York gala attended by various “stars”, the length of the skirt does not always make much difference in whether a dress is revealing or not…

      • I wonder what the reaction would have been to the guy from my high school who occasionally wore ankle-length skirts!

        • Joseph

          He would have been praised as a beacon of equality and self-expression, no doubt.

  • Pete the Greek

    I’ve long noted to my friends that the long, flowing and not revealing clothes on some Muslim women are far more attractive and pretty than most of the latest stuff coming out of fashion mags.

    Maybe that’s just me though.

    • Marthe Lépine

      The student in the photo is in my opinion quite attractive as well as very elegant. And I agree that some of the latest stuff is quite ugly. As well, any women that I know, who are working with young people, are very concerned that a lot of the “fashionable” clothes being pushed even on girls as young as 11 or 12 are much too sexualized and that those fashions almost rob these children of their childhoods. But the “marketers” claim that they design such clothes because there is a “demand” for them… (I have seen a good documentary on that, but unfortunately I don’t remember the exact title or who made it. Maybe another reader does?)

      • I suspect the real drivers behind the trend are mothers who also dress that way. I can’t find the citation now, but a NYT article a few years ago said that despite fashion mags, the media, and peer pressure, the biggest influence on a girl’s style was her mother. Mothers obsessed with looking as young and “hot” as possible are going to pass that attitude down, whether they mean to or not.

  • Artevelde

    It’s one of those French peculiarities to be generally against both uniforms and allowing complete freedom of choice in clothing. That leaves way too much room for wiggle and random decisions. Me, I’m in favor of a uniform and only very small jewelry allowed. That always worked well in the all-girls Catholic school I taught in. It had plenty of Muslim migrant girls as well.

  • Shawna Mathieu

    And in America, we have teenagers whining that they can’t wear tanks and short-shorts in school, and that’s proof of anti-feminist rape culture oppressing them.

  • Marthe Lépine

    And now I have just read a minute ago about another girl, in Algeria this time, being punished because her skirt was too short. Maybe this is a good time to resurrect the discussions about women wearing pants! I tend to agree with Artevelde below that uniforms make sense (and would save a lot of money for families).

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Uniforms also translate to better behavior over-all in schools. One of the districts I worked for looked into it quite seriously, but there was such a nasty push-back from parents that they tabled the issue.

  • MarylandBill

    The thing that scares me is that there are people in this country who would love for the USA to adopt France’s freedom from religion “ideal”.

  • Alma Peregrina

    You have brought shame upon us, young lady!

  • IRVCath

    In Southern California, that’s not only allowed, it’s arguably fashionable.

  • Jared B.

    (with Piotr Rosmenko voice) In secular France, the government hate Muslims for their freedom!