Chris Ferrara Genetically Engineers Monster!

Chris Ferrara Genetically Engineers Monster! June 4, 2015

I don’t know Chris Ferrara, but for some reason I seem to have stuck in his craw.  Now and then, for reasons opaque to me, a fresh bulletin about the depths of my evilness and the menace I pose to all that is good and holy will erupt from his pen over at the Remnant.  Case in point, this latest screed about my failure to sign off on elevating his personal opinions about young earth creationism to Catholic dogma.

Ferrara labels everything he doesn’t like “neo-Catholic” (an extremely malleable term which paradoxically has the odd quality of describing Chris Ferrara and the readers of the Remnant). And given that he has exploded at me numerous times before, I would not normally mention it in this space but for the fact that he has oddly chosen to genetically engineer the most excellent Mr. Michael Flynn and me into a Monster called the Shea-Flynn and condemned us to perdition for not consenting to Reallio Trulio Catholic dogma of Young Earth Creationism. Don’t get me wrong. I’m honored to be put in Mr. Flynn’s company. He is a much smarter man, a much more learned one, a much better writer and, from all I can see, a much better Catholic than I am. But it does seem hard on him to be wadded up and thrown away as a public menace with the likes of me.

His crime? Writing (among many other discussions of evolution, Thomism, and Catholic orthodoxy) the terrific essay Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice, which I recommended to Register readers here, thereby incurring the condemnation of the Ferrara Star Chamber, whose task is to vigilantly purge the Church of the unfit and ensure her survival and evolution into a superior breed of Catholic.

At any rate, Ferrara’s ultimate point is that the existence of the Shea-Flynn Monster demonstrates that Francis sucks and we should reject him and his upcoming encyclical sight unseen, not to mention kick out all those vile neo-Catholics and purify the Church.

It is impossible to argue with that kind of logic.

By the way, speaking of purging the unfit and impure: in other news, Flat Earth advocates on Facebook (yes, they really exist and are serious as a heart attack) are currently fighting with the creators of the geocentrist film “The Principle” for not being sufficiently reallio trulio biblical and scientific and Catholic and stuff. They are calling the lukewarm geocentrists to stop compromising with Big Science and accept the Full Biblical Teaching that the earth is flat. This matters because Chris Ferrara is a big advocate of geocentrism stuff:

I just pray the Flat Earthers can purify the New Geocentrists of the modernist dross of Round Earthism and return them to the Super Duper Reallio Trulio gospel of the Flat Geocentric Earth. Meanwhile, I say:

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