Rebecca Hamilton on How to Defund Planned Parenthood–If We are Serious

Rebecca Hamilton on How to Defund Planned Parenthood–If We are Serious August 29, 2015

She first asks the question:

You know the story: Godly Republicans tried to defund Planned Parenthood, but Demonic Democrats stopped them. Or, maybe that other verse: Woman-hating Republicans tried to destroy women’s health care and Courageous Democrats stood tall against them.

Everybody wins with this one. Planned Parenthood wins. The Republicans win with their newly-minted campaign issue. Democrats win with their continuing cash support from ardent pro-aborts.

Everybody wins. Except the babies. They, of course, lose.

How did this train wreck, this debacle, happen? Why do pro-life efforts always end smashed to smithereens by the political wrecking ball?

More to the point, why, after all these decades with, at times, both houses of Congress and a sitting President proclaiming their pro-life credos, hasn’t Planned Parenthood already been defunded? If they mean it, why haven’t they done it? Why does this keep happening to us?

Then she tackles the answer here.

The short takeaway for serious pro-life Christians, as far as I am concerned is, “Stop being everlastingly played. Neither party cares about you.  Stop pretending one of them does and realize they routinely use the unborn as human shields to get you to support their *real* agendas, which are often deeply anti-human and anti-life.

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