The Frankenstein GOP Base

The Frankenstein GOP Base August 10, 2015

A lefty reader writes:

The conservative Movement has been taken over by the mob of racists and misogynists it has been catechizing for decades. No longer does Fox News and others lead them, but Fox responds to them at this point. This is the Frankenstein monster of the right and it controls the Right. Rush, even “thinking groups” like First Things, are at the mercy of The Monster, not leading it. Congrats.

Watching the spectacle of Megyn Kelly and FOX, as well as Kevin Williamson and Jonah Goldberg, trying to rein in the braying herd of Trumpies orgasmic with the dark joy of the Id Monster over his racism and repulsive sexism, I have to say I agree. The 57% approval rating lead the “prolife/support the troops” Right has given this pro-abort who takes dumps on POWs and routinely calls women “pigs”, “dogs” and “disgusting animals” makes clear what the priorities are for the base. The desperation of the leaders of Movement Conservatism evince as they struggle to bring down the Monster show pretty clearly that the Monster is in charge.

My 2 cents, at any rate. Discuss.

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