Prayer Requests and a Praise Report

Prayer Requests and a Praise Report October 27, 2015

A reader writes:

Would you ask the readers to pray for my cousin Alex, who takes the NCLEX-RN at 8am today. A pass means she’s a Registered Nurse.

Thanks and God bless you all.

Father, hear our prayer for Alex to pass with flying colors through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for her.

Another reader writes:

I’d appreciate your readers’ prayers for a relative of mine.  She’s pregnant, and is experiencing some hormonal issues that could affect the baby’s development.

Father, hear our prayer for a happy and healthy delivery for both mother and child.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, St. Luke and St. Gerard, pray for them.

Another reader writes:

I have a prayer request for a young, migrant worker who I encountered in my line of work (I work as a medical technician at a hospital).  She was described by a heart surgeon friend of mine as “the most stoic patient I have ever met.”  She was afraid to go to the hospital until she was on deaths door, for fear of being separated from her children.  She has three young children who depend on her, and her husband is unable to be with her, since he has not been approved of visiting, as he is stuck in Mexico.  This girl is on a machine which circulates her blood and still has a tracheotomy in her throat.  She had a heart operation over a month ago, and her recovery has not gone as hoped.  She is a poor mestiza who only wants to live for her family, but needs prayer.  I am one of the few who can speak Spanish to her, and she always has a smile for me, yet I can see the fear in her eyes.  She should have been able to come off of the machine she depends on weeks ago.  The doctors are going to attempt to see how well she does this week by (for a second time) trying to wean her off this machine.  The prayers of your readers are desperately needed.  I wish each reader could see her face.  I have been greatly impressed by you, Mark.  I am sending along a contribution.  I have dealt with thousands of patients over 30 years, but this poor girl has broken my heart with her desperate situation.

Father, hear our prayer for this good woman and mother, one of your blessed poor, who needs your healing so badly.  Grant her the healing she needs in body, soul, and spirit, and provide abundantly for the needs of her family as well to the glory of your Name.  Give her caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, skill, creativity, insight and the proper technology to assist in her healing and give her and all who love her grace, peace, consolation, strength, faith, hope, and love.  Mother Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for her.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen!

Another reader who had asked prayer for her daughter writes:

We took my daughter, Aviva, to the neurologist and the results from her EEG came back normal.   Her chances of having another seizure are minimal.  Please thank your readers for their prayers!

Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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