Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests November 16, 2015

A reader writes:

I know sometimes you put prayer requests on your blog for your readers. Please consider asking your readers for prayers for us. We may be adopting our first baby this week after 7 years of marriage and infertility. There is a major court hearing Friday that will decide this. There are some legal issues to resolve and all this could fall through. We’ve already had one “failed” adoption three months ago, so this would be so crushing to go through again. We’re especially asking for the intercession of St. Philomena. Thanks so much!!!! We also have an adoption web site you can check out.

Father, hear our prayer that this couple be able to adopt this child and give him or her the loving home she needs. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Mother Mary, St. Joseph, Patron of Foster Parents, and St. Philomena, pray for them all.

Another reader writes:

I’m a part-time caregiver for an 80-yr-old widow with some health issues that have mushroomed over the past 2 months. None of them are life-threatening, but cumulatively, they’re very wearing on her (and those concerned about her). Unfortunately, a couple of the issues are still undiagnosed. She is very depressed, partly from the health issues and partly from the death of her husband of 50 years five years ago. While in rehab for a couple of weeks, she did nothing more than lay in bed, despite efforts by me and the staff to get her to do more, and barely ate anything. She keeps saying she doesn’t want to live like this and is resisting suggestions to move to an assisted living facility. She also keeps saying that she is dying, which she is not. Her 2 sons live hours away and aren’t able to be with her much; frankly, she feels a bit abandoned by them. I do what I can to help snap her out of the depression, but she needs to want to get better. I asking for prayers to help her want to get better mentally and that her doctors are able to get to the cause of her physical problems and more importantly, help her with the depression.

Father, hear our prayer that this woman be healed of her depression and granted the grace of life and joy in body, soul, and spirit through your Son Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, pray for her, her caregivers and all who love her. Father, grant them grace, compassion, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, understanding, skill, creativity, insight, the proper technology, peace, consolsation, strength, faith, hope, and love through the same Christ our Lord. Amen!

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