Another “Prolife” Catholic Prostitutes Himself for Trump

Another “Prolife” Catholic Prostitutes Himself for Trump May 25, 2016

Rick Santorum leads more Catholics astray in supporting a candidate whose views on abortion are identical to Hillary’s and continues teaching them the lesson that being “prolife” means using the unborn as human shields for all the *real* core values of the GOP frontrunner: torture and murder of innocent women and children, as well as racism and misogyny. A Catholic “prolife” hero now stands foursquare for a man who once took vengeance on his infant nephew with cerebral palsy in a spat over Daddy’s money and who still offers no apology for that: a man who says he has never seen a need to ask God for forgiveness.

The infallible result of “prolife” support for the lesser of two evils has been that “prolife” people end up supporting evil and doing battle with the Church on behalf of every GOP Culture of Death priority.

Instead of pursuing that completely failed strategy–a strategy that has now led “prolife” Catholics like Santorum to prostitute themselves to a visible from space swine like Trump–what we must do is just listen to the Church on her whole teaching, stop fighting the Church on behalf of the GOP, and be *fully* prolife. Then, instead of wasting all our energy dancing to Trump’s tune, we can actually use it to defend the unborn and not just using them as human shields for Trump’s transparently anti-Christian agendas.

Be more prolife, not less. Be fully Catholic, not a slave to the Culture of Death.

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