If death penalty returns…

If death penalty returns… May 19, 2016

Filipino bishop volunteers to die..

“But he’s innocent,” says the death penalty zealot.

So what? You’ve never had a problem with all the other innocent people (roughly four percent) who have been executed in your lust for blood. Why should you care about this one? Once you commit to battling the Church to maintain the death penalty (alongside newly elected President Duterte who calls the Holy Father a “son of a bitch”), you commit to a willingness to kill a few innocent people in your quest for bloody “justice”. You clasp men like Duterte to your bosom as you fight the Church to keep the US on a list including every Islamic despotism in the world, plus Communist China and North Korea.

Or, you could just listen to the Church, stop fighting her, support abolition of the completely unnecessary death penalty, and get back to your putative “core non-negotiable” of fighting abortion.

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