Mary Pezzulo on how the Monomania of the Prolife Movement

Mary Pezzulo on how the Monomania of the Prolife Movement May 11, 2016

has turned it into the single most powerful force for destroying the witness of the prolife movement.  I will have a few things to say about that tomorrow.  But I second her call for a new prolife movement: one that is *fully* prolife and not simply a fig leaf for getting people to vote for a Republican, even when he is a transparent GOP Culture of Death swine like Donald Trump.

Be more prolife, not less.  Listen to the Church, not the GOP Culture of Death.

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  • Evan Keal

    Just another Catholic trying to justify why he’s voting for Hillary Clinton.

    Isn’t this this same approach the left uses to “shame” us into being “climate change” Nazi’s? I used to love being an advocate for the environment, but since the Democrats have politicized it, myself and many others have lost our desire to participate.

    • chezami

      Thanks for illustrating her point.

      • Ken

        Anyone who questions Donald Trump is automatically a supporter of Hillary. Just like Trump his supporters are incapable of making an argument without calling people names.

        • Artevelde

          Yep. That is the insane dichotomy in American politics. It will eventually demand surrender to evil either way, where only a temporary and tentative alliance would be prudent.

  • cmfe

    Well said, thanks for sharing this.

  • One thing that reliably happens since Reagan first started the fight is whenever a pro-choice politician follows a pro-life politician into the presidency, they get rid of the restrictions on the federal government directly doing abortions. And reliably, when a pro-life president follows a pro-choice one, the restrictions go back into force.

    I actually do not know the answer to this question, but will Donald Trump reinstate what Obama most recently got rid of, the Mexico City policy restricting the government from directly providing abortions? That’s not something that you can fudge past day one of your presidency.