Dropping the Atomic Bomb Was Wrong. Period.

Dropping the Atomic Bomb Was Wrong. Period. June 4, 2016

Catholic Answers brings the common sense truth–and naturally gets reviled for it by the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife “faithful conservative Catholics” who *claim* that the defense of human life from conception to natural death is their “core non-negotiable value” but who in fact devote their time and energy, not to defending the unborn, but to fighting the Church on behalf of every single movement conservative Culture of Death sacred cow–including the goodness of deliberately incinerating children in the womb and in their cribs when the Right Wing Noise Machine commands it.

If you are among the Catholics who habitually fight the Church on every aspect of her teaching that Movement Conservatism hates and fears, here’s the solution to your dilemma: Stop using the unborn as human shields for their ongoing war with the Church, agree with the Church and stop fighting it, and return to your putative core non-negotiable of fighting abortion instead of fighting the Church.  Don’t get played anymore.

Best part: you’ll be in a much better position to argue with pro-aborts, who will no longer be able to point to the rank hypocrisy of a pro-life movement whose energies are spent, in large part, defending the indefensible instead of defending the unborn.  When you embrace the Church’s whole teaching instead of using the unborn as human shields for making war on the Church’s teaching on unjust war, the death penalty, refugees, the poor, and the care for creation, you find yourself in a position to tell the lefty, “Why do you refuse to see the glaring inconsistency in your rejection of love for the very weakest of all: the unborn?”

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