I keep thinking “Maybe *this* will be the thing that opens the eyes of Trumpkins”

I keep thinking “Maybe *this* will be the thing that opens the eyes of Trumpkins” August 1, 2016

This–this filthy smear of a grieving mother and father, this sociopathic denigration of a family who have given the last full measure of devotion for this selfish ingrate’s freedom–has drawn massive condemnation from all across the political spectrum.

So where are the “prolife” Christians and their denunciations of this filth?

That has been my point all along. I keep hearing from people who tell me I oppose the prolife movement. That is a lie. I am completely prolife. It is the prolife movement that, in large measure opposes the prolife movement. Because they aren’t spending their time and energy defending the unborn from abortion. They are spending it defending a vile man like Donald Trump from the perfectly true charge that he spits on the graves of heroes who died for their country and spits in the faces of grieving parents who show him up for the gutless coward and parasite he is.

That is the Faustian Bargain the prolife Trumpkin has made. He will give the last drops of his credibility to this vampire and he will get *nothing* in return. He will spend all his time defending this sociopath and his insults to people whose toilet Trump is not worthy to lick clean. He will spend no time defending the unborn because Trump will keep him so busy defending every evil he says and does.

To get a man’s soul and give him nothing in return–that is what truly gladdens the heart of Our Father Below. – Uncle Screwtape

Or you could repent, stop supporting Trump, abandon using the unborn as human shields for battling the Church about every right wing culture of death priority, agree with the Church and be fully prolife, not merely anti-abortion.

Be more prolife, not less.

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