Pat Buchanan is an Enemy of the United States of America

Pat Buchanan is an Enemy of the United States of America August 13, 2016

When a Muslim urges the violent overthrow of the United States we call that “terrorism”. When an American Muslim does it, we call that “treason”.

When a grumpy old white male Trump supporter does it, Trumpkins call it “patriotism”, but in fact it is still treason. And if it finds violent expression, it is still terrorism.

News flash to Trumpkins: Your Dear Leader is trailing in the polls fair and square and he will lose fair and square. He already knows it, which is why he is telling his mob of knuckledragging mouthbreathers the election is “rigged” so they will reject the results of the election as a “conspiracy” when they lose. This is toxic to our Constitutional order. You will lose. Too bad. Grow up. And if you take up arms against your country in a fit of adolescent pique you will be rightly and properly crushed for your treason.

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