Condie Rice demands Trump drop out

Condie Rice demands Trump drop out October 8, 2016


Lots of calls for Pence to just take over as the Presidential nominee and Trump to bow out.

  1. I doubt Trump will do that.  Too much ego.  Too incapable of losing, especially to a gross icky girl.
  2. The problem with elevating Pence is that he already has Trump’s name tattooed all over his face and the stink of his musk in his hair and clothes.  He had a chance to keep his distance from this visible-from-space catastrophe when he was asked to be Veep.  He chose the 30 pieces of silver instead.  Since then, he has spent his time lying through his teeth about Trump’s record.  And when the supreme test came yesterday, he opted for stony silence and to remain on the ticket.  He thereby showed himself to be as unworthy for office as his Master.

What should the GOP do at this point?  Die as a political force in the US for all I care.  People bellyache to me that this cadre of racist misogynists who are still excusing and defending this sex predator feel “disenfranchised” and “voiceless”.  They say that like it’s a bad thing.  I like that people who worship a crotch-grabbing groper feel voiceless and disenfranchised.  I want them more voiceless and disenfranchised still.  And powerless.  Powerless will be great.  Best possible outcome: jail time for this sex predator.

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