Using the Unborn Dead Body as a Human Shield

Using the Unborn Dead Body as a Human Shield November 7, 2016

for your political agitprop is just wrong.

Fr. Frank Pavone has really crossed a line here.

The nature of heresy is not that it tells a falsehood. It’s that it tells a real truth of the faith and blows it up into a swollen and inflamed thing that blocks out the rest of the Church’s teaching.

That’s why heresy is so hard to fight. It’s a truth, for instance, that God the Father is majestic and glorious and the ruler of all creation. So when the Church tries to get Arius to quiet down, he can always say, “What is *wrong* with saying God the Father is greater than the Son? Jesus himself says “The Father is greater than I!” The heretic can always point to something in the Church’s tradition that backs him up and accuse the critic of rejecting the Church’s teaching.

So: the Church does indeed insist on the right to life of the unborn baby.

BUT. That does not mean that in the name of fighting abortion, you get to use the unborn’s naked body as a prop for attacking your culture war enemies on the eve of an election. It does not make the unborn’s body a *thing* for you to manipulate as political imagery. Funerals are, above all, about the dignity of the deceased.

Suppose gun control advocates had insisted on displaying the naked body of JFK, his brains exposed, on the high altar of St. Matthew’s Cathedral. Would anybody in their right mind think this was “respect” for him?

This election has demonstrated that the prolife movement’s leadership is in very serious trouble. It has lost its spiritual moorings from the Tradition and is becoming the thing that it hates. The dignity of the unborn is now being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.

And for what? So that prolife Trump supporters can make a vicarious grab for earthly power in the person of a draft-dodging, adulterous, pornocrat sex predator who does not give a tinker’s damn about the unborn and who has, in all likelihood, personally paid for abortions himself.

The prolife movement needs a reboot so that it can base itself, not on slavery to the GOP, but on the Church’s full teaching.

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