You may hear today that Trump dissed the Pope…

You may hear today that Trump dissed the Pope… December 26, 2016

and said he’d rather seek his spiritual guidance from the Dalai Lama or some other Buddhist source.

Turns out that’s fake news, according to Buddhist sources.

Me, I assumed it was fake news since I see no indication that Trump would ever seek spiritual guidance.  Oh sure, he looks for ways to exploit Christian leaders and make them his press flaks.  But actually seeking spiritual guidance?  Nah.  The man has said he sees no reason to ask God’s forgiveness.  A man like that doesn’t have the humility to ask for actual spiritual guidance from anybody.

Doesn’t mean he never will attain such humility.  Let us pray he does.  But let’s also be wise as serpents and not credulously buy every lie pleasing to an already over-credulous conservative Christian base which incessantly dances to his tunes in the gullible belief he will someday dance to theirs.

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