Praise Reports

Praise Reports December 16, 2016

First, Anne Marie Delaney has been found and returned to her family.

Second, a reader whose daughter had gone missing writes:

God has answered my prayers in exactly the way I asked. Wow. Our daughter is back in our house. She is taking her meds. She is doing better. Still a lot of stuff to do and work through. But she is safe and move on to the next phase of her life in a safe environment and will be reconciled to those whom she was apart from. Praise and Thank God. Thank you to our Lady of Guadalupe and Blessed Chiara Badano for your intercession.

Finally, today is the 33rd Anniversary of my nuptials with the Bel0ved Janet, who remains the love of my life, a fountain of grace for me and so many other people, and the beating heart of our home.  I cannot articulate to God how deeply graced and blessed I am, nor hope to give back a thousandth of the blessings he has given me through her, but I will say “Thank you” to him here as loudly as I can for the great gift that was given me on December 16, 1983.  I love you, darlin’.  Always and always, breath and bone.

For these things and all good gifts, Father, we give you thanks and praise through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!

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