Final Praise Report for Sky (the little girl we were praying for)

Final Praise Report for Sky (the little girl we were praying for) March 7, 2017

Mom writes:

** happily our last update for sky **
I’m happy to report Skylar is 100 percent back to her happy self!! Last night into today a switch flipped and she went from barely walking to running, barely talking to screaming at the boys, from grumpy to playing peeka boo and from crying to laughing. She’s my little buddy again and has been cuddling and giving kisses! The doctors said it would take anywhere from 3 days to a week for her to return to herself. Her left eye is no longer dilated. Her follow up visit today was great and her doctor said she is very impressed with her recovery. She did end up getting a few of her 15 month vaccinations, so we are on alert for fevers right now. The doc did inform us that since her febrile seizure happened after the age of one, she does have a 25-30% chance of this happening again. Febrile seizures in themself are not necessarily dangerous. It was the complications of her going into respiratory distress and then into respiratory failure from the seizure meds and multiple failed intubations that led to multiple days in the icu. This experience obviously left me more paranoid than I ever thought I could be and she is now sleeping in my room every night

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