The Prolife Movement has, in large measure, mutated into a heresy

The Prolife Movement has, in large measure, mutated into a heresy March 14, 2017

Time was when being prolife meant “protection of human life from conception to natural death”.

But the prolife movement, in large measure, chose to throw its lot in with a political movement that taught it to take one aspect of the gospel–protection of the unborn–and (as heresies do) turn that one thing into a weapon against most of the rest of the Church’s teaching when that teaching gets in the way of Right Wing Culture of Death priorities.  So from unjust war to torture to a living wage to refugees to health care to the death penalty to this pope “prolife” members of the Party of Trump have set their faces, not to defending the unborn, but to battling the Church on everything she teaches that is regarded as a threat to Party of Trump priorities. That’s how heresy worke: it takes a real truth of the faith and turns it into a cancer that attacks the rest of the Faith.

Desperate Syrian children?  The people who used to talk about saving children from death now cheer for the man who said “I will look them in the face and say ‘You can’t come.'”

One of the lies to rationalize this is “We should help our homeless vets before a bunch of foreign brownskins”.  As super duper prolife Catholic Republican Steve King says:

Image result for steve king somebody else's baby

But, funny thing, Trump is mulling cutting funding for homeless vets so he can beef up the military budget for when the war with China Bannon is itching for gets under way.

Families being brutally torn apart and members deported for the sake of precious, sacred paperwork? The people who used to prattle about “family values” and weep for Elian Gonzalez now look at bishops who do their job and defend the stranger and call them “thugs” as they endlessly fulminate hatred against the pope.

The excuse for it all and so much more is that it will all be awesome when Trump magics abortion away.  And so a cruel health care “reform” is yet another thing we are to agree to and champion, because repeal of Roe is right around the corner.

Here’s reality: Roe is not going anywhere.  But the Party of Trump is about to deprive millions of the poorest women of maternity care (and 24 million total of health coverage).  Indeed, the “reform” goes out of it way to punish the poor and sick and do thereby do everything possible to force poor mothers to abort rather than face the enormous costs of pregnancy and delivery.

But incredibly, “prolife” heretics are doing what heresies always seem to eventually do: mutating into their opposites.  So “prolife” apologists for this party of cruelty to the weak, who used to talk about helping mothers avoid abortion, are now lying to moms that they can just turn up at a CPC and deliver the kid when their Medicaid vanishes.

Turns out CPCs don’t do that.  But oh well, all part of nature’s plan if the baby needs an NICU and dies when she can’t get one.

What the fanatics are now essentially signing on for is that it is necessary to kill children in order to achieve the fantasy of overturning, but it will all be worth it.  Steel Magnificat shouts into the gale force wind of lies and unreality now coming from the “prolife” Party of Trump and its apologists.

You know, “prolife” Party of Trump supporter, you could just try listening to the whole teaching of the Church and not twisting yourself into a pretzel, defending this pack of crooks and liars.  You could try being more prolife and not less.  You could try living in truth and not in prostitution to a chronic liar.  You could try measuring your thinking against the gospel and not perpetually crying “But Obama!  But Hillary!” to rationalize the evil you have committed to defending. You could try, in a word, repenting and considering the possibility that you are wrong and the Church is right and that health care is a *right*, not a commodity that only belongs to those who can afford it.

Just a thought.

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