How Low Will the Party of Nihilist Misogynous White Spite Sink?

How Low Will the Party of Nihilist Misogynous White Spite Sink? November 10, 2017

Well, when their folk hero Roy Moore, Alabama GOP candidate for Senate, has credible charges of hitting on (and in at least one case even sexually assaulting) at least four underage teenage girls, they will both call the accusers liars *and* simultaneously offer this explanation as to why hitting on teenagers is cool and Christian and manly:

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“It never happened and besides it’s totally Christian.  Jesus was the fruit of a union between a child molester and his teenage victim.”  The use of the Holy Family as human shields for a creepy old man is a new low for the Christ-haunted South.  Alabama: Lock up your daughters, the Republicans are redefining family values again.

And the reliably wrong-about-everything Church Militant is being cited by Catholic Moore supporters because some Vatican functionary somewhere hailed Moore.  This definitely proves the women’s charges are false because since when has a Church bureaucrat ever been disastrously wrong about men guilty of pedophilia?

Moore is already fund-raising off the pedophilia charges.  Because he knows his base are motivated not by anything resembling Christian principles, but by spite.  They don’t care if it’s true or not.  They care about making their culture war enemies cry.

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To their credit, some GOP leaders are trying to get Moore to step down, but every indication is that the same base that think our Confessed Sex Predator in Chief is awesome may well power him on to victory since they *love* this stuff just so long as it “makes liberals cry”.  The reliably repulsive Steve Bannon is denouncing the GOP for wanting Moore gone but, in the funhouse freakshow that is the Party of Trump our self-confessed Sex Predator-in-Chief is saying he thinks Moore will “do the right thing” and step down if the charges are verified.  You know, like he did when 16 women he brands as liars one and all confirmed that he is indeed a sex predator.

As is always the case, it is conservative Christians–that ones who faked dudgeon about Bill Clinton–who are the most passionate defenders of this guy as of Trump.

“But nothing has been proven in a court of law!” say the people who shrieked “Lock Her Up!” and who are full of fake concern over Harvey Weinstein’s and Kevin Spacey’s victims and those of any other culture war enemy and who somehow figured out that Bill Clinton’s witnesses were credible despite the lack of a jury trial.  Yeah.  Voters aren’t a jury.  They are voters and they are allowed to credit the testimony of obviously credible independent witnesses–including Roy Moore’s victims.  Especially when his supporters offer defense as disgusting as the one’s above.

This is the sort of thing Good White conservative “prolife” Christians are now famous for.  And they wonder why the rising generation flees them in droves.  It must be because of their perverse atheistic hearts.

God’s Name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you. – Romans 2:24

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