Which is more prolife to you?

Which is more prolife to you? January 22, 2018

Depriving 9 million poor kids of health care or brutally deporting 600,000 innocent kids?

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa wants to build a culture where abortion is unthinkable rather than merely illegal.

Exactly. That is how Christendom abolished both slavery and the Arena in antiquity. Laws *followed* the change in the culture. When monks strode into the arena and shouted at the mob “For God’s sake, forebear!” an institution as old as the human race died in Rome because the Christian witness was so compelling that Rome could not bear the shame of it anymore.

The folly of the prolife movement is that it wants to abolish abortion by force, but not live the witness that makes abortion unendurable in conscience. While it whores itself out to a misogynist bully and liar like Donald Trump, it only tells the world “We’re fine with misogyny and contempt for the least of these–including, especially, children.” The ancient Church took in exposed infants. More than that, it fostered, yes, state attempts to care for the poor. The American Church points to the paltry and insufficient work of private actors (“Look at our crisis pregnancy centers and and the care we give for a couple of weeks!”) but then, saturated with Libertarian contempt for the *massive* help of state actors, cheers for a party that deprives those children of health care and deports them to “shithole countries”. It pretends it can cut off supply while laboring to increase the demand for abortion. It strives to make abortion *more* thinkable while playing at “abolishing” it. It is not serious.

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