Classic Example of How the Old Prolife Movement Promotes Abortion

Classic Example of How the Old Prolife Movement Promotes Abortion February 5, 2018

The classic approach of the Party of Trump “prolife” Christianist base is to blather about cutting off the supply of abortion while doing all in its power to increase demand for it.  Here is that strategy in full flower, thanks to the nihilist predators in the Party of Trump:

Last fall, Kim Wagenaar started to plan how she would close the health clinic she runs in rural North Carolina — when Congress let funding lapse for thousands of centers like hers 124 days ago and counting.

The Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Center offers primary care services to patients, largely uninsured and unable to afford visits elsewhere. Its four buildings, scattered across suburban Charlotte and more rural areas to the north, do not suffer from low demand. They saw more than 8,000 patients last year alone.

“I’m usually a very optimistic person,” Wagenaar says. “I always feel like the community health centers have great support. But I’ll be honest, this is the first time I’m not 100 percent sure this will get fixed.”

Matilde Gonzalez (left) and Cesar Calles hold their son, Cesar Julian Calles, 10 months old, as Ana Martinez, a medical assistant at the Sea Mar Community Health Center in Seattle, gives him a flu shot on January 11, 2018.
 Ted S. Warren/AP

Nationally, millions of Americans visit community health centers each year. An estimate from 2016 found the 2,000 centers provided care to 26.5 million people. They rely heavily on federal funds that have passed with bipartisan support in recent decades. George W. Bush expanded the program, and the Affordable Care Act made another big investment in them.

But this fall, the $3.6 billion budget lapsed at the same time as the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP, which provides coverage to millions of poor children, just got its funding back in late January. But community health centers were not included in the deal.

Legislators from both parties have said they want to extend the health centers’ budget. But so far, they haven’t. If they don’t do it very soon, health care access will decline for potentially millions of vulnerable Americans.

If you are a pro-lifer who thinks that community health centers (CHCs) are the answer to the maternal healthcare needs of women in crisis pregnancies, you would care about this–as consistent life ethic Christians in fact do.

If you are a mere Christianist shill for the Party of Trump, you will be delighted that a GOP-controlled Congress, during the administration of The Most Pro-Life President Ever, has been quietly destroying CHCs as a viable healthcare option for millions of Americans.  Because Christianism delights in cruelty to the poor and see it as punishment for their sinfulness and the redistribution of their wealth to the hyper-rich as the triumph of the fit over the unfit.

Cost of funding community health centers for two years: $7.4 billion.

Cost of cutting the corporate tax rate to 21 percent: $1.5 trillion.

Guess which one the GOP was happy to pay, and which one they’ve decided is unaffordable. – Ezra Klein

This should be particularly important to pro-lifers who say, “Women don’t need Planned Parenthood!”

If you really think that, then why on earth are you cheering as the The Most Pro-lifiest President in the History of Ever is doing all in his power to stampede the poor and the brown (note the photo) to Planned Parenthood as their last resort? And why are you steadfastly continuing to do so when he and his party have refunded PP five times in the past year? Christians understand that you don’t fight abortion by herding the poor to abortionists.

But then that’s it isn’t it? This totally screws the poor and the brown, and since spite and vindictive cruelty to the weak, not interest in the unborn, is the animating principle of Christianism, that makes this a total win!

Christians say “Be more prolife, not less.”  Christianists say, “If we can inflict just a little more cruelty on the weak, that’s more important than saving a thousand unborn kids.”

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