Almsgiving Monday 2: Mercy for Life

Almsgiving Monday 2: Mercy for Life March 18, 2019

This Almsgiving Monday I want to recommend to you for your financial support the work of Mercy for Life, conducted by a little community of saints in Uganda. I’ve boosted them in the past and youse guys have helped them. But they can always use more help. Dennis Donovan writes

Fausta Nalubega of Kampala, Uganda, organized a group of young Catholic volunteers like herself about seven years ago. They determine what the needs of the poor are in her area and try to satisfy them. The group is an abundance of volunteer workers, but for the things that require funding, Fausta turns for help to the USA. She just reported that thanks to your contributions, she and her associates were able to put another eleven children in the public schools in Kampala which cost $48 per term.

I don’t know what word to use to describe the pictures of the kids that Fausta posts, but below is an example of a picture I like. I think the young girl is letting the young boy know that he has a hole in his sock. (The pictures are great).

To enable children who have never been, to go to school in Uganda, or for another term, click the following link. Thank you.

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They also take care of the sick, of pregnant moms, of families, and anybody else in need. They are a lovely Catholic community that remind me so much of the Church of Acts.

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Friends of the poor
Pray for Francis to go back to his country  he has stage 4 cancer and his family left him in hospital because they had no money for his treatment. Francis asked us to take him home to see his family and be with them the last days his on earth 
We’ve worked on his travel documents and we are remaining with transport and facilitation
Francis comes from the borders of Rwanda and Burundi �� but his a Rwanda’s citizen
Pray for him and our ministry

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Pamela is 16
She’s glad to be in our hands until she gives birth❤️❤️❤️❤️we’ve bought her some essential needs for her and for the  baby
We’re going to stay with her at our office
Her life is not so good since the boyfriend ran and left her with pregnancy  she had a bad plan towards her baby but we saved her
She’s glad to receive her baby soon
She’s started antenatal care and we shall take care of her until she gives birth
Be blessed

Please help these lovely people if you can.

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