My quick review of Rim of the World

My quick review of Rim of the World July 6, 2019

Man, did Rim of the World suck. The basic elevator pitch premise is four kids at summer camp have to save the world from an alien invasion. It’s a super lame attempt to cash in on Stranger Things that doesn’t even try to make sense while using every “misfit kids become BFFs at the mall” trope in the book while stealing from Independence Day *and* Jurassic Park, all concluding with “kid overcomes fears” feelgood ending.

Oh, and the Black Kid as Comic Relief character is just too annoying to endure. So is the Inexplicable White Gang Leader During the Apocalypse Who Betrays Our Heroes and Eats It (or more properly, Gets Eaten) after they kindly let him out of jail. You knew everything that was going to happen in every scene before it ever happened. And the stupid and unnecessary Teen Raunch Dialogue Focused Grouped by Marketing was also just irritating.

Redeeming feature: Fun to watch with son Peter Shea and make fun of. Basically, a video game. The preposterous hoops the heroes have to jump through are from Nintendo, not reality. Why would the Jet Propulsion Lab have four generators in the basement that *must* be turned on in sequence *exactly* four seconds apart? All I could think of was the pointless room full of smashers in Galaxy Quest and the blonde bimbo shouting, “This episode was badly written!”

Also, Protip: When you have to go retrieve the Maguffin from the car that just crushed the monster you know has miraculous healing powers and is nearly indestructible, GTFO of there once you have retrieved the Maguffin and do not stand around doing touchdown dances and yelling “I got it!” and “What?” as your friends are all shouting at you that the monster is waking up and about to attack you.

Also, for the love of heaven, kiss her, you fool!

I was rooting for the aliens by the end.

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