Review: Esoteric Empathy

Review: Esoteric Empathy August 30, 2017

A teacher of mine constantly states that if you’re constantly overwhelmed by other people’s energies and emotions you aren’t a strong empath but rather a weak empath. When you can’t control your ability and it’s hindering your functionality in daily life then there’s a problem. So if you’re naturally empathic how do you become a strong empath? Raven Digitalis’ book Esoteric Empathy: A Magickal & Metaphysical Guide to Emotional Sensitivity provides tons of solutions. As with all of Digitalis’ books, the layout of the book itself is beautifully designed. Digitalis has a writing style that is clear and simple to follow.

Image Credit: Dustin Lee | Edited by: Mat Auryn | CC0 License
Image Credit: Dustin Lee | Edited by: Mat Auryn | CC0 License

This book is written with an eclectic point of view incorporating Witchcraft, New Age practices, Eastern practices and Western Occultism. By taking this approach he provides tools ranging from mudras, qabala, reiki, alchemy and much more. Digitalis provides plenty of meditations, reflections, and anecdotes to assist those who are esoterically sensitive to ground their power, protect themselves and navigate the chaotic energetic bombardments of daily life. On top of this, we are provided with emotional healing modalities, grounding practices, practices to strengthen our own empathic and psychic abilities and ways to manage our abilities.

I applaud Raven’s ability to bring something new to the table in regards to the discussion of empathy and showcase such a wide variety of techniques and information to tackle a subject that is often used by people as a scapegoat and excuse from interacting with the world. He doesn’t coddle the struggles of empathy like so many other authors do but rather encourages and empowers you to do something about it so that you can use your empathy instead of it using you. The book’s tone is optimistic, insightful and encouraging. I suggest this book to anyone who is emotionally hyper-sensitive, empathic or psychic.


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