Review: Elements of Spellcrafting

Review: Elements of Spellcrafting January 31, 2018

Jason Miller’s latest book, The Elements of Spellcrafting: 21 Keys to Successful Sorcery is absolutely fantastic. I devoured this book and read it a few times after the first reading. It’s that good. But anyone who knows Jason Miller or his work already knew it was going to be. While there’s lots of spell books on the market and even a good amount of “how to” in crafting spells, this book stands out as extremely unique. Jason has always been focused on results within his teaching, and this book is no exception.

This book is like having your own personal magick coach to help you craft and cast spells effectively. As such, Jason helps you edit your magickal goals so that you can get the most out of your spell’s result. One of the major differences with Jason’s approach and that of others is his focus on trajectory for spells instead of goals for larger manifestations. He approaches magick as a strategy (hence his book Strategic Sorcery) and offers the insights of one of the most experienced and respected men that I know of in occult communities across the board.

The book is divided into three parts; setting up the spell, execution and advancing your craft. Within those three parts are 21 keys to successful spellcasting. Each “key” in the book opens with a one panel comic featuring a misguided sorcerer and the spirit he’s summoning, which has the perfect amount of snark to it. Seriously, they’re great. As a seasoned magickal teacher and magickal practitioner, Jason understands a lot of the pitfalls and mistakes when it comes to spellcasting and this is part of what makes him such a wonderful teacher as he understands how to troubleshoot common difficulties when it comes to the occult. This Jason’s insight, methods, and perspectives are so fresh compared to other’s, this book will enhance anyone’s spellcasting, whether a complete beginner or the most seasoned practitioner.

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