Divination As Devotion

Divination As Devotion January 29, 2018

Image Credit: Ronin69 | Standard License
Image Credit: Ronin69 | Standard License

The word divination comes from the word divinare, which roughly means “to foresee through inspiration of a god.” In my private practice as well as my public practice, divination is an act of devotion as much as it is about gaining clarity. As such, I keep the practice sacred by ensuring that it’s performed within a sacred space. My divination table at my home, as well as the one I set up temporarily at different shops and studios is an altar. It’s an altar devoted to specific deities and spirits that I work with for readings – including my familiar spirit.

Every bit of “decoration” isn’t about just setting a mood or feeling – it all has a function and a purpose in working with those spirits and deities. Each candle has its purpose, each oil, each incense. Every image connects or honors a certain spirit relationship. It is through divination that I connect and honor certain spirits that I may not sit down and honor or work with as much in other areas of my life, but that are still very important and helpful to me.

At the beginning of each day where I’m doing a lot of divination I invoke these gods and spirits into the space. I give them offerings and libations. I ask for their assistance and their blessings upon myself and the divinatory tools I will be using. Every time I pick up a deck of cards, runes, a pendulum, or just sit to see what comes – I am asking for their guidance and honoring them. Treating divination as a devotion is a reminder for me that psychic ability is only so natural and that anything beyond our natural psychic perception is a gift from the gods and spirits. Because of this the process should be honored, treasured, and respected as such – a gift that can also be taken away.

This helps keep me to be humble about the readings, regardless of how much someone may rant or rave about my readings. This also keeps me from doubting anything that comes through or being reluctant to deliver news and messages that may be contrary to what the person was hoping. Because I understand that while I’m responsible for how I present the messages, they aren’t coming from me. I am just the translating messenger. Delivering the messages of divination can have a huge impact on someone and their life. We must realize what an awesome responsibility this is and realize the sacredness of that power.

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