Review: The Enchanted Candle

Review: The Enchanted Candle July 6, 2018

Lady Rhea has been a Gardnerian priestess since the 1970s and co-founded the Minoan Sisterhood. She’s been running occult shops in New York since the 80s and is often lovingly referred to as the “Witch Queen of New York.” Her first book, The Enchanted Candle: Casting and Crafting Magickal Light by Lady Rhea was one of the most sought after and hard to find classics on candle magick. Luckily for us, the book has been updated and reprinted in a larger more workbook-style format. The book covers pretty much anything you need to know about when it comes to working with candles from the basics of magick itself to preparing and working with candles. This book in its original or reprint version is a part of witchcraft and Wiccan history and provides unique insights from Lady Rhea that you won’t find in other places.

One of the things that set Lady Rhea’s work with candles apart from others is the elaborate seals that she carves into them and coats in glitter, and she discusses the use of glitter in her crafting and compares it to other traditions around the world. As someone who’s not into glitter in my magick, she touches on this and says that you can instead work with powdered herbs as a replacement, which is much more my style. In the book, she provides tons of her magickal seals that she carves into the candles, along with a bunch of candle spells for various intentions.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part is The Elements of Enchanted Candle Craft, which is the how-to basics needed to work the material in the book and consists of a section discussing Enchanted Candle Craft, Altars, and Tools, Apothecary information and information on Candle Spells. The second part is Seals and Spells and includes love candles, money candles, healing candles, protection candles, self-improvement candles, and mother candles – covering all the primary areas one would need magickal candles for. If you want to step up your candle magick skills drastically, this is a must-have book.

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