Review: Good Juju

Review: Good Juju May 4, 2019


In Good Juju: Mojos, Rites & Practices for the Magical Soul, Najah Lightfoot carefully curates a selection of magical techniques to invite blessings of luck, peace, and love into your life, drawing from the magical practices and traditions as diverse as witchcraft, hoodoo, ceremonial magic, and Vodou. Despite the various magical traditions and religions that Lightfoot draws upon and to which she is active within, the beautiful thing about this book is that it’s completely non-religious but rather inclusively spiritual in nature. Regardless of skill level, she guides the reader through an eclectic blend of self-empowering magical practices in a manner that feels like comfort food for the soul.

Lightfoot expertly selects tried-and-true methods of magic like a florist picking just the right flowers and arranging them in a bouquet for a special occasion. That occasion is living a mindful and holistic life to enhance the quality and well-being within it. She allows room for you to use that metaphorical bouquet as you wish in your own personal spiritual practice allowing you to build upon it and place your own personal flowers into it that resonate with your own spirit. Her writing style is friendly, conversational, informative, and enjoyable. All instructions are easy to follow and the practices are simple yet effective. With this book Lightfoot displays a beautiful act of Priestesshood, offering the know-how to invite Good Juju into anyone’s life regardless of who they are or what they believe, she holds the space for you to adapt that to whatever path calls to your own soul.

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