Review: Making Magic

Review: Making Magic September 11, 2019

Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary by Briana Saussy

Throughout Making Magic: Weaving Together the Everyday and the Extraordinary, Briana Saussy never gives a concrete definition of magick and upon finishing the book it becomes more apparent that this is intentional. There are many books full of spells and occult theory – but this book is different. Making Magic is a creative book about re-enchanting your worldview and rediscovering what your intrinsic natural magick is for you, and that’s going to look different for every single individual. Being a witch is about more than just casting spells and lighting candles to work your will. There’s a strong spiritual component to witchery, though that may vary from person to person. This spiritual aspect of witchcraft deals with much more than practicing or performing magick, but rather living within that magick in every moment and having daily experiences of enchantment. To this degree, that is the heart of Making Magic by Briana Saussy. This is a book that I feel will be helpful to many people who are looking to live a more magickal life.

The spiritual aspect of witchery cannot be fast-tracked, and Making Magic is mindful of this, guiding the reader to create time for one’s magic without rushing or feeling overwhelmed by it. By reading this book and performing the rituals and exercises, you are sure to rediscover the hidden magick within your everyday life and learning how to tap into that. There’s a strong self-care vibe to this book and I found Saussy’s tone equally calming and inspiring and is sure to be helpful for both the beginner or the seasoned magickal practitioner. The book is full of storytelling, practical rituals, and thoughts to meditate and contemplate on that are sure to help you unlock your own relationship with magick. As such there’s a strong emphasis on observation of both self and that which you’re interacting with, while you slowly uncover the secrets to your personal power hidden right under your nose the whole time.


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